Sunday, May 17, 2020

"Something" Didn’t Want This Blog Post Written

Melted red candle that 
helped me write in the dark this morning.

I know all about timing.

I got up early, wanting to write the first piece on this new blog of mine, “Many Ways to be Kind”.

Soon as I head for kitchen to make myself some hot pot of water, within a fraction of a microsecond, I hear a dull thud miles away – a transformer had blown up, probably old, or over-loaded.

There went my writing, or so “they” thought.

When you work for the Holy Spirit, and are awakened at 3 a.m., as the whole world still sleeps, you know you are on to a MISSION.

It was a mission possible, for the HS was given by Jesus, to be “Teacher of All Things”, to help us remember all that Jesus taught us.

And a born-again Christian, in the service to Christ, doesn’t quit.

We merely get creative.

I still had some battery power in my laptop (95% remaining), and I was about to use all of that up to write the posts that were on my mind.

Of course, I write this one first.

Just to tell you that this is how it is to follow and serve Christ.

This is how it is when you follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit.

This is how it is when you want to talk about God, whom you love dearly.

It will be met with opposition, distraction, delays – anything that stops the Word of God to reach His people.

I had been writing almost non-stop since 6 September 2019, when I first embraced Christ, and used my merciful gifts as a writer, to serve God alone, by writing all the wonderful ways of the LORD.

I know this blog, and its future contents, wants to be written, for as I switched on a battery-operated lamp, intending to search for those two large, red candles a couple had given last November 2019, to honor my late father for All Saint’s Day, God leads me to the new box of matches I had been looking for, but couldn’t find.

Of all days, He makes me discover it, before I even find the candles.

I knew where the candles were.

I didn’t know where the box of matches were.

But it is the box of matches God makes me find first, and I silently rejoice in gratitude.

God wanted this blog written.

Too bad about those who wish to stop me.

God’s Will is always done.

What were they thinking.

And now, I write the draft – ready to be finalized, soon as the lights come on – grateful that I have these red, giant candles to light my work.

Sure, they go fast, they drip fast, making a quick mess on my table, and they have a strong smell, but I have two of them, and I am grateful.

God’s Spirit runs strong in me, and I make do with whatever I have, given the circumstances.

God’s scribe cannot be stopped.

We merely do the work that needs to be done.

There can be no excuses when you work for God, and you follow Jesus.

You merely get creative, grateful, joyful, excited, and jubilant.

That’s what the Holy Spirit does to you.

Nothing stops the HS.

And now, on to the next piece, for there are many that need to be written.

Each piece will be about a certain person, an industry, or an organization, and how they can be kind.

These instructions are all based on Scripture, on the teachings of Christ, the desires of God, and I know we all know these, but we choose to forget, as we embrace energies not of God.

In our hearts we know how it is to be kind.

We’re just stubborn children, who refuse to listen to the FATHER.

Well, I will write what needs to be written, and shared.

It is what I was born to do, and trained to do.

All instruction comes from the Father alone.

I serve no other.