Sunday, May 17, 2020

How to be a Kind Parent

Your children were given to you as a gift from God.

Sure, you have your wife, or your husband, and you had that child.

Perhaps, you even had many children.

But why do you think you became parents?

Because you love each other, and want a child to carry your names?

So your blood line will live on?

So someone will carry on the businesses you built?

So you may live vicariously, through them?

Was it to project your own ambitions upon your kids?

To create clones of yourself?

To pursue dynasties and propagate that wealth?

To lead them to life and work, without Jesus guiding you?

You surely have heard that Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life:

 “Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.”

John 14:6 (King James Version)

Of course, you cannot think that way, unless you have God in your hearts.

You cannot be a reliable and trusted guide for your children, unless you yourself have accepted Christ as your SAVIOR.

You also have to become a true born-again Christian.

There are many Christians, and there is the true born-again Christian, who desires to serve God alone.

This Christian aims to have nothing of the world, but only of God.

That is the path I have taken.

There were no bells and whistles, and worldly rituals, when I chose God.

He led me to two, defining videos about the destructive path America had taken, and immediately, my soul wanted the LORD.

I became a born-again Christian a day before my own birthday.

Thus, I am TWICE born.

And my second birth is the real birth.

As  Christian writer, I attest to the joy and beauty of serving Christ alone.

All my days are filled with anticipation of the LORD.

I am child, walking alongside Jesus, swinging our arms together, my hand in His, happy to be in His presence, delighting in that Presence, confident in His love, and eager to play, or to learn.

Oftentimes, I'd sit at His feet, listening to EVERYTHING He had to say.

My relationship with Jesus is as simple as that.


If you want to be a kind parent, you must love God with all your heart first.

Only then can you love your child best.

For God loved you first.

And you returned that love.

Learn to love God first, before you decide to become a parent.

When you love God first, through the teachings of Jesus, you will learn to love yourself, and others, in a way that God wants us to love each other.

That’s a great foundation for love to be born from.

Please don’t bring a child into this world, unless you have learned to love God first.

All children come from God, and we must honor each soul.

They are not here to carry our dynasties, or whatever foolish projections of self, and ambition, we have on them.

The greatest parents are those who lead their children back to God, with the full understanding of the Laws of Christ.

There is great responsibility in becoming a parent, and our hearts, minds, bodies, and spirits must be infused with the Spirit of God first.

Every citizen of the world came from such a core family, you and your kids.

That’s how communities, and nations, are formed.

It all starts with you.

As it did, with Adam and Eve.